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The first Diamond V Bride

Beneath the whispering branches of the gnarled apple tree centered in the garden, history was recorded. They heard the sheer delight of their daughter, Ashley‘s glowing voice, “Will proposed to me!!”

& the rest of the story is history.

Everything you see, Ashley's husband made by hand as a wedding gift to his bride with a country-soul. Diamond’s romantic hemlock barn was christened with their wedding, the first Diamond V Bride. As Ashley greets each bride-to-be, its on the same ground she danced her own first dance and exchanged her own vows. It's part of what makes Diamond V a truly special place. 


It is that history that we now share with you. It is your future we now celebrate. We are here “to make all your dreams come true”.


Anyone with memories of Diamond V Farm can tell you about the kaleidoscope of feelings born out of spending such a special day with both family and friends. There is something about the unique country barn that just invites brides to make it their own, to watch a sunset shine off the Blue Ridge mountains with all their loved ones and make promises that echo across the ages.


Conveniently located just west of Roanoke, nestled against a near perfect backdrop, couples near and far have found the setting to start their happy ever after. Ultimately that’s the story we strive to help tell. A celebration story to be retold again and again. Each couple who says their vows here becomes a part of our history and-


We would be honored to be part of your story.


Venue Address

1817 Mountain View Church Road

Blue Ridge, VA 24064

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Tel: 540-537-3912

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